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Helping to Build Capable Communities
The Solertia Approach
to Integrated Development
The Solertia Institute is a non-profit international organization for strategic and operative assistance towards socio-economic development
San Juan Mixtepec Demonstration and Proliferation Program
San Juan Mixtepec
An active indigenous community in the mountainous Mixteco Region of Oaxaca, Mexico
The local artist Joel Tobón's portrayal of his people and their activities
The local development support structures include:
Multi-functional local
Community Development Centers (CDC)
  • Operative catalysts for the development process
  • Information, communication and transaction services
  • Economic development support services
  • Cultural, social, and environmental services and activities
ICT for all, accessible to most...
  • Public ICT services in all CDCs and their extensions
  • Local community development portal
  • Individual ICT guidance and other assistance
  • Local community network
  • Internet technology supported communication infrastructure
Reflections of Solertia's philosophy, strategy, innovation, and operational approach
  • Reinforcing and building on local resources
  • Promoting constructive innovation
  • New social and technical approaches to communication and learning
  • Model procedures and demonstration plants